Grow Rx is a great product, my wife and I use it for our garden, grass, and trees. It works well and great prices and it's natural! Good stuff try it, you won't be disappointed.

  • - Trevor H.

Custom Garden Blend

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Grow Rx

Cannabis Kit

The only fertilizer blend you need for growing high quality cannabis plants. This is by far the most complete and simple feeding program available to novices and experts alike. It is laid out in 3 easy-to-use products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of using Grow Rx Tree Fix for trees and shrubs?

Grow Rx Tree Fix is designed to address stress-related deficiencies in trees and shrubs. Its special formulation helps restore health, ensuring trees are hardy and vigorous.

How does All Tree Care enhance the growth of my trees and shrubs?

All Tree Care provides a well-balanced nutrition program for trees and shrubs, promoting beautiful, healthy growth. It's especially effective when used in combination with Tree Start.

In what season should I apply Grow Rx Custom Garden Blend?

It's best to apply Grow Rx Custom Garden Blend once a year, typically in spring, before seeding or transplanting, to ensure optimal growth in gardens and flowerbeds.

How does Grow Rx Lawn and Turf specifically help in rejuvenating damaged lawns?

Grow Rx Lawn and Turf is formulated to restore root and plant health, particularly in lawns damaged by pet droppings or high foot traffic, by improving nutrient availability and soil condition.

Can Grow Rx Vegetable Garden be used on both root and foliage?

Yes, Grow Rx Vegetable Garden can be used as a foliage spray and for root drenching, suitable for a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including berries and bulbous plants like onions and garlic.

What is the recommended usage frequency for Grow Rx Plant Power?

Grow Rx Plant Power should be used once every seven days. A light mist spray on the foliage of indoor/outdoor plants is sufficient for optimal growth.

Is Flower Power suitable for all flower varieties?

Grow Rx Flower Power is a versatile fertilizer for indoor and outdoor flowers. However, always check specific plant needs as some flowers may require different care.

What precautions should I take when using Grow Rx Organic Insecticide?

Avoid using it on sensitive plants like poinsettias, sweet peas, and certain grape varieties. It's best not to apply it during full sun, on stressed plants, or on new seedlings and transplants without a sensitivity test.

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